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"I made the decision to open this review with a quote and an audio clip from SigNif’s "Alright" because she strikes me as an artist with something important to say. You’ll note that she spends a good part of the quotation carefully avoiding being pigeonholed. SigNif wants to be recognized as a dope emcee first regardless of gender, but also wants to make it clear that she’s not an apologist for the people of the world who want to take a woman’s rights or deny that those basic rights exist whether granted by society or not. She’s clearly up on her gender politics, but SigNif is also up on politics PERIOD. She’s doing something rare in hip-hop for any gender”

Signif - Friction Review | ]

"It’s been two years since we got the fantastic Significant Wizdom II: Atypical from the Milwaukee-born, New York-based emcee Signif. With that release, Signif proved that she belonged in the discussion of the best emcees working today. With her latest effort, Friction, Signif shows that was no fluke."

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