Signif X SFTU Interview

"Got a treat in this part we got friend of the show and indie MC Signif (@signif ) calling in to talk about her new album "Friction" (available on iTunes & ) and her upcoming performances at this year’s A3C Festival…. Always great to talk her and she’s a true friend to the show (she’s been chilling with us since we started the internet show)…plus we got mad new hip hop music from far & near , tune in , download… enjoy….." Interview with Signif starts at the 56 minute mark.

MKE To A3C ]

(Photo By Signif) Website: Event Page: Important Info: What - A handful of lucky Milwaukee artists have been granted the opportunity to participate in this year’s A3C Festival in A… Read

S/O to The Illixer for the dope send off. A3C is upon us, I’m excited.

Signif - Friction (Full Album)

Bandcamp:… (CD and Cassette Tapes)

Milwaukee-bred, NYC-based emcee Signif presents Friction, her new album featuring Elzhi, Sadat X, Aldrick, Genesis Renji and Emmy Wildwood as well as production from Skeff Anselm, DJ Puerto Roc, Fate, Radio Raheim and Moteleola. “Friction is about the conflicts people face, or have faced when dealing with life on a day to day,” says Signif. “I played off the ‘Friction’ title, because even though I live and practice a peaceful way of living and thinking, I’m still faced with a good amount of opposition, so I wanted to address some of those situations. The inspiration behind the album was to share some of my views that may have been misconstrued from previous works, also to keep the listeners engaged on my different perspective to certain social issues, and to have fun of course.” Friction is out now!

SigNif :: Friction Review :: Intelligent Dummies ]

"I made the decision to open this review with a quote and an audio clip from SigNif’s "Alright" because she strikes me as an artist with something important to say. You’ll note that she spends a good part of the quotation carefully avoiding being pigeonholed. SigNif wants to be recognized as a dope emcee first regardless of gender, but also wants to make it clear that she’s not an apologist for the people of the world who want to take a woman’s rights or deny that those basic rights exist whether granted by society or not. She’s clearly up on her gender politics, but SigNif is also up on politics PERIOD. She’s doing something rare in hip-hop for any gender”

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