1. Good times at the Halftime Radio Show 89.1 FM WNYC for the Women’s History Month Tribute Show, much love to the ladies of the cypher.


  2. This Friday, I’ll be performing in the Bronx.


  3. Everybody’s Something (Fate Remix)

    Fate a producer out of California dropped an EP today titled "Psuedo Crush" The EP includes three instrumentals and two remix tracks.

    Fate also produced a song on my next album Friction, the song is called Alright so be on the look out for that. I appreciate him letting me keep it for my own project when it was a track for his latest relase, The Night Bus.

    FATE X Marris X Signif - Everybody’s Something Remix


  4. Johnny U x Signif X Neak - Get Up


  5. Significant Wizdom II: Atypical was released on this day a year ago.

    I put this album out dolo (well Q had my back) after falling out with the producer and plans to shelve the project I decided to release it anyway. 

    All in all I’m glad I released the album, SWII has taken me many places in the last year.

    Thanks for listening,



  6. I’m super excited about the short-film I’m working on.  #Friction 


  7. Late Night Jazz rehearsal with the Band


  8. "Recently, on one of my all-too-frequent Twitter rants, I expressed my desire to feature more women on the site. The rap gods must have heard my cries because I was soon reminded of the strong feminine force with charisma for days known as Signif. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, now living in New York City, this influential female lyricist possesses the unique ability to be herself while making good music, appealing to both genders, no matter the race or culture. This statement rings true as she made her rounds internationally, rocking shows and doing interviews around France this past summer.

    Creating music that seems to automatically come with built-in moods, vibes, messages, and overall coolness, she effortlessly spits like she was born to do this. With all of these elements in tow, there’s no wonder why the girl from Milwaukee with a plethora of impressive projects under her belt is finally starting to get the attention she deserves. Currently working on her next album entitledFriction, Signif set aside a little time to give me a glimpse inside her creative mind. Below, she speaks on growing as an artist, her recent tour in Paris, one special producer she’d love to work with, and more.” - Olivia Brown 

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  9. Signif X Empire Radio Magazine Interview http://www.empireradiomagazine.info/?p=5007

    Peace to my Sis Imara (Paris, FR) for reaching out!


  10. A Gift to Paris from Signif (Short film)

    Shot and edited by Alexander The Great